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A birds eye view of Westbury Quarry in Somerset

About Us

The site owners are all avowed conservationists, and they permit much remedial environmental work to be undertaken in conjunction with Natural England through the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme (H.L.S).

The northern meadows, a treasure trove of biodiversity, are teeming with flora and fauna that thrive on limestone. A recent survey revealed a species-rich grassland, identifying over fifty different plants. Lichen-covered limestone dry stone walls border the site, providing a haven for many invertebrates, including a strong hibernacula of Adders.

Wildlife abounds on the site, and the current owners have been proactive in declaring a large area of the workings an ‘Exclusion Zone’ to protect bats that may reside in the cliff wall caverns.

The Mendip Cave Rescue Organisation is also a frequent guest of the Quarry. They practice lifesaving techniques and systems above ground and learn skills that can be transferred underground when required.

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